“Untie is a culmination of my evolution as an artist.

In Untie, I am suspended in mid-air; helpless and unable to break free. My body is suspended for display and therefore surrendered to viewers. This metaphor portrays the artist as a political body that is captive to materialism and confined by structured spaces.

The installation is constructed of a fabric specially created using my fire reflection technique. I painted the fabric while meditating on the current state of the world. During the process, I cast ashes from the past. Memories that were once intangible are given form as they are reconstructed through mark-making.

Fire-reflection is the most current process of my journey of self-discovery and liberation through projects like Manumission, Taming Fire, Burning Words, Wit-ness and 2-dimensional.

Public reaction is the active component of Untie, as it was with my performance series 2-dimensional (2009-2014). Each version of 2- dimensional included site-specific installations and a variety of public reactions. It became a cross-cultural study performed in eight international locations.

In my performances, public responses reveal the predictability of social restraints. I seek to convey how individual control can remain unconstrained by rigid habits and traditions. Even though I am encased and preserved in a static form I am communicating a sense of liberation from conformity. I perform the silent act of becoming free.”

—Igor Josifov
Tags: Art, Igor Josifov, Performance, Video