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‘Felt Encounters: past and present’ Exhibit Opening Nov 7th

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 7th, 6-9pm

Walk with Artists: 7:30
Location: Pacific Felt Factory • 2830 20th Street, San Francisco
Exhibit Dates: November 7 to December 6
Direct inquiries to Hanna Regev, curator, 415.425.1295

Sponsored by:

InSpace Curatorial
Pacific Felt Factory Art Complex
Al’Myra Communications

Felt Encounters celebrates the history of the Pacific Felt Factory by featuring artists who represent a resurgence of felt works as fine art. Industrial felt is the material of choice for these artists. A wide range of multi-disciplinary approaches merge traditional felt-making crafts and fine art in this unique exhibit. Heritage wool, horse hair, boar hair, as well as other resources are combined with innovative technology such as a water-jet cutter.

Drawings from 15th century Italy owe much of their unique beauty to the felts used by quattrocento papermakers. Made of coarse wool, these felts embossed a unique landscape of texture onto the paper surface. Artists such as Michelangelo utilized the textures to great advantage in their works on paper. The process used to create the beautiful paper of Michelangelo’s day has been lost … until now.

Donald Farnsworth and assistant Heather Pratt use a blend of animal hair to create papermaking felts similar in texture to those used at the height of the Renaissance. Great progress has been made in recreating the richly variegated surface of quattrocento paper and in making this paper available to the artists of today. 


Artists from around the Bay Area are represented in the exhibition:

  • Irene Carvajal
  • Donald Farnsworth
  • Jenne Giles
  • Pantea Karimi
  • Jonathon Keats
  • Kristina Larsen
  • Sebastian Martin
  • Latifa Medjdoub
  • Ealish Wilson 


Download PDF invitation.

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