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[ezcol_1half]InSpace is a platform for manifesting visual arts and contemporary media related to current events and topical thoughts.[/ezcol_1half]


Wit-ness - Igor Josifov[/ezcol_1half_end]


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Inside our inner city space in San Francisco, we are able to:

  • engage artists and community members in intellectual dialogue and artistic debates on current events and topics of immediate relevance.
  • commission concept and site-specific works to architects, artists and authors via an interdisciplinary and interactive approach
  • represent high-quality artistic outputs and consultancy for individuals, organizations and museums.

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Through our Artist InPresence™, we:

  • mentor artists who aspire to international impact and who possess disciplined talents in their given field or medium
  • conceive and actualize traveling exhibits in premiere sites from bustling cities to exotic settings worldwide.
  • host and facilitate independent projects for periods of one week to a maximum of one month.

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Via our Advisory Interpretive Curatorial™, we:

  • curate spaces, films and venues via our reputable experts



Lead Curator Hanna Regev has an extensive background in the museum field. Her areas of practice focus on curation, public programs and teaching. Her group shows cover many hot topics, such as the banning of books, freedom of expression, censorship, surveillance, endangered languages, and the intractable conflict between Palestinians and Israelis. In fall 2009, she produced the Seduction of Duchamp: Bay Area Artists’ Response. On the eve of the 10th Anniversary of 9-11, she unveiled Keeping an Eye on Surveillance.

She also curates exhibitions that combine art and technology, as in Art by Code, Mathematical Formulations in the Service of Art, and The Future Imagined: What’s Next. In 2015, Regev curated Taming Fire, 3D Printing Technologies: The Radical Shift, and Bearing Witness: Surveillance in the Drone Age (co-curated with Matt McKinley of Art Solutions).

Regev has an MA in Museum Studies and MA in Modern European History from San Francisco State University. She has authored a number of articles and organized highly successful symposia, panel discussions and special events. To date, she published and contributed essays to catalogues of Banned and Recovered: Artists Respond to Censorship, The Seduction of Duchamp, Mining the Cracks, Drips, and Markings, and Taming Fire.